Jason’s long standing career in the game began in December of 2001, where he found himself standing on the side of the Cresta Run, camera in hand, filming eccentric daredevils hurling themselves down an ice track! 9 weeks later and a new career was born.

Based in Brighton, UK - Jason operates as a Lighting Cameraman, and has moved towards predominantly 1st AC and Second Camera work on larger productions. Having teamed up with Local DP Mark Bader he has found himself charging all over the world, working on a huge array of projects, from commercial to travel.

Jason is an accomplished gimbal operator - built for the task, always happy to be on set, always learning, and a coiled spring - ready to burst into action at a moments notice. If something needs figuring out - chances are Jason will do just that; a technically minded problem solver through and through.

When the chips are down and you’re chasing time or light, Jason always steps up, with a can do attitude, a smile on his dial, a desire to make good work, and have fun whilst doing it!